New Team Member Onboarding

Module 1 Company Overview and Culture
Lesson 1 Our Mission  
Lesson 2 Our Values  
Lesson 3  
Lesson 4 Attendance  
Lesson 5 Tasks upon arriving  
Lesson 6 Tasks before clocking out  
Module 2 Workstation Setup
Lesson 1 Windows Programs to Install  
Module 3 Project Management with Nifty
Lesson 1 Nifty Project Management 101 - Detailed Product Walkthrough (MGMNT)  
Lesson 2 Nifty PM: Getting Started Guide (MGMNT)  
Lesson 3 Getting Started with Nifty  
Lesson 4 How to Create & Complete Tasks in Nifty  
Module 4 Missive Emails
Lesson 1 Personal Inbox vs Team Inbox  
Lesson 2 Using Missive Features  
Module 5 File Storage with PCloud
Lesson 1 Folder structure  
Lesson 2 File naming convention  
Lesson 3 Making files available offline  
Lesson 4 Local folders to pCloud synchronization  
Module 6 Documentation with Gitlab and Docs
Lesson 1 How we use Gitlab  
Lesson 2 Standard Operating Procedures  
Module 7 ManicTime
Lesson 1 Manictime Introduction  
Lesson 2 ManicTime Tutorial  
Lesson 4 ManicTime tip: Using Timesheet  
Lesson 5 Daily ManicTime Report  
Lesson 6 Weekly Manictime Review  
Lesson 7 ManicTime tip: Simple autotags  
Lesson 8 ManicTime Tip: Use shortcuts for frequently used tags  
Lesson 9 How to use ManicTime to keep track of project work  
Lesson 10 ManicTime Tip: Use double click in Add tag window  
Module 8 Training
Lesson 1 Role Specific Training  
Lesson 2 Time Off (Leaves)  
Lesson 3 Calendar Sync