Job Position: SEM Data Scientist / Director of R&D

A growing SEM agency is looking for a data scientist to lead up our company R&D.

Our team has managed over $100 million in Ad spend, and developed a lot of our own innovative processes to achieve industry leading results.

You will take on the torch of innovation, and help our clients continue to grow, and our team to develop cutting edge, data based marketing strategies.


Who you are:


1)     3-5 Years of experience in PPC advertising

2)     Solid statistics background (PHD preferred)

3)     Can code/manage coders writing Adwords API tools, Adwords scripts and more

4)     Is creative, but also results oriented


What is expected of you:


1)     Audit our current processes, and give recommendations on where/how we can automate

2)     Give us 2-4 recommendations a month on methodologies/tactics to test, and implement

3)     Write up blog posts on the results we achieve with those scripts/tactics etc.

This will start as a part time role (20-80 hours/month), and grow to full time as our team expands.

Salary: 15,000 to 30,000 PHP depending on experience.